Haha, oh yeah, I forgot what today was…

Hahaha, oh my god.

So I didn’t die in the snow this morning (it took an hour and a half to get to campus due to three separate bus breakdowns)! And I now present you with an alphabetical list of things I am thankful for, because alphabetical lists rock and I’m putting off going back outside to get home.

Annabelle. I love my cat!
Broccoli. Broccoli is perhaps the greatest food ever.
Creativity. I don’t think I’m all that creative, but it’s fun to pretend and gives me an excuse to draw.
Dad. I miss him up here more than I thought I would.
Existentialism. Sometimes the only outlook on life that works.
Fantasies. Crawling into the alternate worlds that exist in my head keeps me (relatively) sane.
Good music. This has been an excellent year for music made for zoning out.
Hope. Without it, why bother?
Immune system. I have the immune system of a God. For that I am highly thankful, especially in such a big city when I’m exposed to dozens of people a day in enclosed areas (buses).
Joking. Laugh or die.
Kitchen. My new mode of creative expression, apparently, is cooking. Which is funny, ‘cause I can’t taste half the crap I make.
Leibniz. Oh, you know it.
Mom. YAY!
NaNoWriMo. A chance to write without abandon.
Obsessions. Statisics! Philosophy of science! Getting irrationally excited about little things that make my soul tingle! WOO!
Philosophy. I honestly don’t know how I had gotten through life without this before, when I thought it was all dumb.
Quirky life events. Creepy coincidences: keeping life interesting since 1988.
Readers. To those of you (two of you, maybe?) who read this regularly and to the random people who stop by—I appreciate your reading my ramblings!
School. As conflicted as I am right now regarding it, it’s still school, and I’m still me.
Transportation. Thank the transportation gods for the Vancouver bus system (and the UPass. Thank you thank you thank you, UPass).
Unusual friends. I’m talking to you, Moscow people. Like, all of you.
Vaio. Trusted friend and companion since 2006 (Vaio I and Vaio II have the same soul).
Web access. I love the internet. I want to study the internet. Trend analysis + memes = ideal way to have fun.
Xeno-experiences. As in foreign experiences. Vancouver is SO not Moscow in a lot of ways, which is nice. And I like sushi now.
Yesterday. The past, even the sucktastic parts, is very, very important to me, and I’m thankful for almost every experience I’ve had.
Zealousness. It’s important to me to have unabashed passion for at least one thing in life. The fact that I’m still zealous about stats/philosophy/Leibniz gives me hope.

Happy Thanksgiving, US friends!



Today’s song: Perfect Girl by the Ultrasonics

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