It’s not a Claudia plot until someone dies

So my plot, after half the month has passed, has finally come into its full form, I think. Totally out of nowhere this afternoon I let someone die, which is not that unusual for my plots (far from it; I think Prime was the only story I’ve written in like 10 years in which a major character didn’t die, but that was probably due solely to the fact that all my characters were numbers) but, like I said, came completely out of nowhere for the story that I’m currently working on.

It made the plot finally have something to say, though, and it is now out of the awkward teenager plot stage wherein it didn’t know whether to be an interesting plot or be just another “1984 crossed with Fight Club” rip-off.


I think I’ll finally put a plot summary up on my NaNo profile too, haha. Oops.



Today’s song: Disturbia by Rihanna

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