It’s a post! It’s a blog! It’s a survey!!

10 things you love
1. Statistics.
2. Philosophy.
3. Leibniz.
4. R.
5. Writing.
6. Color.
7. Analyzing stuff.
8. Puns.
9. Antarctica.
10. The internet.

9 talents
1. Obsessing.
2. I’m very good at packing a lot of stuff into very small spaces. I should be a professional mover.
3. Bending R to my will.
4. Rocking it at Quake.
5. Writing (or so I’d like to think).
6. I’m pretty damn good at principal components analysis.
7. Starting Flash projects and never, ever completing them.
8. Dressing like I stood in the blast zone of an exploding Crayola factory.
9. Can blogging count?

8 favorite people
1. Sean.
2. Aaron.
3. Matt.
4. Maggie.
5. Rebeca.
6. Nick.
7. Jacob.
8. Aneel.

7 goals
1. Accrue as much knowledge as possible.
2. Get a PhD.
3. Have a career in which it’s part of my job to screw around with R.
4. Do something with Prime, aside from let it sit untouched on a flash drive.
5. Visit Antarctica.
6. Finish my book list that I’ve been working on since 7th grade. I have a lot more time to read now that I’m not taking 8 classes a semester.
7. Make a metric ton of money and then do something good with it.

6 things you think about a lot
1. Determinism.
2. Where I can find data to analyze.
3. Trends and patterns (in pretty much everything).
4. Philosophy of science-related stuff.
5. What the next thing I can draw/write/create should be.
6. What to blog about.

5 favorite songs
1. Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead (and all its beautiful, beautiful variants).
2. Dan Black’s Symphonies.
3. Morten Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium.
4. Leisure Alaska’s Hey There Mr.
5. Battles’ Atlas.

4 worries
1. My MA thesis. It scares me.
2. The next 4-5 years of my life. They scare me.
3. Mental health “issues.”
4. What the next day will bring.

3 things you believe in
1. A deterministic universe.
2. Logic.
3. Hard work.

2 best experiences of your life
1. Finishing my first degree in 2 ½ years with a 4.0. I worked so damn hard for that.
2. A certain night that won’t be mentioned by name, but you all probably know what it is…

1 thing you want right now
1. Reassurance.



Today’s song: Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) by The Script

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