Do hyperparameters have ADHD?

WOAH my mind went to strange and bad places last night while I was trying to sleep. Car crashes, dying cats, being locked in my dad’s basement with Sean, Aaron and Megan and trying frantically to get us all out, fractals, panic attacks, being late, Vaio II in peril…
It was really, really strange. At least I didn’t wake up on the kitchen floor like I did a week or so ago. And at least there were no fruit suits. Nothing will EVER be weirder than the fruit suit dream.


I was going to day-trip to Wal-Mart today, but when I looked outside and notice that it was like a freaking hurricane out there, I stayed in and played Half-Life. And drew. And updated my CV.

Also, I’m just not feeling Script Frenzy. My creative muse is like, “it’s drawin’ time, bitch!” and I’m all, “yes, sir!” (my creative muse is a man). I’m super stressed out about school, and usually when I’m stressed, I automatically revert to drawing versus writing. Writing is more for happy/sad/angry/horny/whatever the hell other moods I experience.
I also think I’m all dialogued out from Prime, haha.

Where was I going with this?
Oh yeah. I may or may not crap out 100 pages, time will tell. Not digging my script idea, but I wasn’t digging Prime in the beginning, either.

Also, Maggie has me on a Mika kick, THANKS A LOT, MAGGIE, JEEZ.


Today’s song: Love Today by Mika

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