Claudia vs. The Unstapled Assignments: Round 2

Why don’t these people staple their homeworks?

Seriously, is it that hard to do?

Is a sighting of a stapler that rare up here? It’s not like they don’t sell them at, say FREAKING STAPLES. You can buy small ones that FIT IN YOUR DAMN PENCIL CASE!

Hell, I have one. It probably cost me at most $7. I can’t remember, since I bought it so long ago.

And l love how people think “folding the corner over” works. None of the 300 or so variations of “can I just fold the papers over?” have worked, especially when you have to shove your assignment into my mailbox, which may contain as many as 49 assignments already.

These SPSS assignments are about 20 points each. I think “staple your goddamn work” should be a 2-point demand on the next one.

Haha, they should devote an entire lab to it: “Today we’re not going to look at SPSS. Instead we’re going to look at this device: it’s a STAPLER. It HOLDS PIECES OF PAPER TOGETHER, which has been shown in empirical studies to help slow the progression of TA insanity. Practice with staplers may also improve your manual dexterity and help you look like less of an idiot by demonstrating that you understand the concept of binding things together with a small piece of metal.”


Today’s song: Toe Jam by The BPA


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