More Fallout 3 Insanity

So I chose this perk called “Black Widow” for my new character. This perk unlocks special dialogue choices with male NPCs. I met up with this rather crazy lady who wanted me to go get her 30 Nuka-Cola Quantums. So I oblige, but before I can leave her wannabe “boyfriend” tells me to quit messing with his girl (does he assume I’m a lesbian?) and gives me the option of getting him the 30 Quantums so that she will “do the horizontal bop” with him. Things obviously aren’t too different in Post-Apocalyptia.
Well anyway, one of my dialogue choices is to tell him that if he gets me some Quantum, I’ll have a threesome with him and his girl. He goes for it, and he happily runs off with his little shotgun to the Nuka-Cola Factory. Within thirty feet he’s crippled by a Radscorpion and dies a few minutes later after he tries to punch a Mr. Gutsy to death. It was hilarious. I tried to get him to stop, but he says, “lemme go, beautiful…I’m gonna go get us some Quantum!
I really enjoy this game. It’s awesome. It’s as if Leibniz were Xbox 360 compatible, that’s how awesome it is.
Ahem. Anyway.

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