Don’t worry, Pluto…I’m not a planet either

I’m sitting in a hotel in Seattle, waiting to board the cruise ship tomorrow. I’m bored. Therefore, you get more MSN Messenger Snippets of Wisdom. Because that’s what I’m calling them now. These were all with Sean (who is the blue one).

This is difficult, but oh man, I can’t WAIT to see the fit of that regression line!
you’re not serious

“Ah, a funeral march. This will show how good our band is at slower music. Hmm, what else should we have? Oh! Thunder and Blazes! Clown music ALWAYS sounds best when paired with a funeral march!”

Haha, at one point I was reading him Leibniz
you sure are quite the romantic, aren’t you?

I need to calculate exactly how much free time I actually have in a week, just to see how much more I could feasibly be doing
you are weird
I have approximately 92 hours of free time a week, and that’s with the overestimation of 10 hours of homework per week
13.14 hours a day, that’s pretty good
you are so weird
I‘d have 13.28 per day if it weren’t for Psi Chi
Oh crap, I forgot the recitation sessions!
Ha, 13 exactly!
I’m awesome at rounding off my free time
you are SO weird

We’ve got a “Highway to Hell” and a “Stairway to Heaven,” right?
What’s up with that? Why are the righteous being punished by having to climb stairs?
I mean yeah, I guess the stairs could represent the fact that it’s more of a struggle to get into heaven, but seriously, why do the damned get the easier route to their eternity?
If it gets to that point, you’d think the holy would get to take a cab or something, or at least an escalator

Oh, by the way, if someone ever tells you to calculate a successive differences variance estimator for any data set larger than 10, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can
yeah, that’s something I needed to be told

“Mathematics and statistics requirements can be met by taking courses in the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics”
No freaking way, you serious?!

I found a Leibniz clock and I want it
what the hell is a Leibniz clock?
A clock with Leibniz on it

I thought the first half was crap
At least, more crap than the second half
Which is also substantial in the quantity of crap

Eat it, Symbolic Logic!

(Talking about the finals schedule)
I could reschedule Symbolic Logic into the “When Hell Freezes Over” slot, I suppose

I’d have to teach Philosophy 104: The Best of All Possible Philosophy Classes, just to see who catches on

So apparently, according to this test, I’m a neurotic intellectul with no soul and poor social skills
Hahaha, I spelled “intellectual” wrong

I keep waiting for Gordon Freeman to crash through the window with his crowbar

We actually sort of worked at work today
We were all “what is this ‘manual labor’ crap?”

(Talking about zeppelin models being sold on eBay)
Haha…I can imagine the feedback on that Hindenburg model: “the damn thing burst into flames and disintegrated on my lawn! I want my money back!”

Side note: this Philosophy Quiz is kicking my ass
“In which position did Albert Camus play football?”
The fuck should I know?
I thought all he did was bitch about his existence and then contract the plague


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