The sun rises in the east, as the bun rises in the yeast

Haha, so…

You know you’re a geek when you can hold a two-hour long conversation with a person about the following (while making ramen and instant mashed potatoes):

– Pokemon (cards)
– Pokemon (Gameboy, all versions prior to Crystal)
– Doom
– Quake (and how hard the last few levels are to beat)
– lolcats
– 4chan
– Rickrolling
– Rickrolling 4chan
– lolcats Rickrolling 4chan
– Fallout 2
– Fallout 3
– Matricies
– Strategies for understanding the accents of all the foreign teachers in the math/stats departments
– Stupid math jokes
– Calculus
– Futurama

Yeah, this was Lanky and I. We need help.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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