To the nice person who now has my iPod:

I just want to take a moment to thank the person who decided to take my iPod this morning. You were correct in thinking that I didn’t accidentally leave it on the floor next to my chair in Belief and Reality. I actually left it there for somebody to take, so that they could enjoy all the music I paid for. It’s a good thing it took you less than five minutes to find it and decide to keep it, or else I would have run back from math to retrieve it before you could have enjoyed it.

I hope you like how new it looks. It’s only a couple weeks old. Not a scratch. I also hope you enjoy the engraving on the back: “Happy 21st birthday! Love Mom.” This had no sentimental value at all; I told her to have it engraved so that you would have something to read while you were enjoying my music.

I also hope you like the earbuds. They cost about $30 since they are noise-cancelling with an adjustable volume gauge on the wires. They’re really nice.

There’s a video on there that one of my friends gave me, too. It got erased from my computer, but it’s still on the iPod. I was hoping to transfer it back to my computer later this week, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy an inside joke between my friend and me more than I ever could.

Oh, and one more thing to make your day a little bit easier: if you go down the hallway from that classroom, take a left, and then follow the stairs to the area above the commons, you’ll find the Information Desk for the TLC. That’s where the lost and found is. It’s where people who have found others’ possessions drop them off so that the owners can retrieve what they’ve misplaced. I just thought you’d like to know, in case you ever lose that nice new orange iPod nano, that you can go to that desk and inquire if anyone has returned it there.

Well, that’s all. Have a nice life, and enjoy your new iPod!



(One-ish year later edit: nope, never got it back.)

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