Blog the 1000th

(EDIT: because I suck at counting, this is actually NOT the 1,000th blog. It’s the 993rd. I’m awesome. Disregard all the following content)

HOLY FREAKING CRAP 1,000 BLOGS!! That’s 2.74 years worth.

Haha, never thought it would happen, huh? Neither did I. I even said so on my first entry. But here we are, aren’t we?

I’m at a loss for words.




Here’s what 1,000 blogs has brought us through:
– High school graduation
– College graduation
– Me learning Flash
– A lot of stupid cartoons
– Heartache
– Song parody
– The 25 credit adventure
– Hatred of the U of I
– Band geekery
– MSN conversations
– Finals freakouts
– A few jobs
– A lot of books
– A LOT of attempts at being funny
– New friendships
– Enlightenment
– The greatest semester of my life
– The worst semester of my life
– Papers. Tons and tons of papers.
– Puns. Tons and tons of puns.
– Intellectual exploration
– Internet exploration
– About eight different majors
– Probably a lot of other things, too

What sayest thou? Speak!

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