*insert Godot joke here*

Group conversation with Nick (Nicktastic), Mike (Bacon) and I (Mobius) wherein Nick demonstrates his typing dyslexia:

nicktastic! says: shit
Mobius Striptease says: What?
nicktastic! says: i need to clean the apartment
nicktastic! says: the sink’s like 10/8 full of crap
bacon messiah says: lol
nicktastic! says: wait
Mobius Striptease says: Hahaha, did you fail fractions as a kid, dude?
nicktastic! says: reverse that
bacon messiah says: hell yeah he failed fractions…he totally forgot to reduce that
bacon messiah says: the sink’s like 5/4 full of crap
Mobius Striptease says: Hahahahaha


Also, “Bacon Messiah” wins as best MSN nickname ever.

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