Fun with Zeppelins

Hahaha, so most of these are from awhile back, but I finally just rediscovered them. For some reason, I came across the Hindenburg’s Wikipedia page, and, for some reason, I totally got a kick out of the whole idea of a zeppelin disaster. I’m a horrible person. These are excerpts from my messenger conversations, old and new.

Only 36 people died from the Hindenburg disaster?
I thought it was a lot more than that

Zeppelins are way too hilarious to be taken seriously

Why do I find this funny? What is wrong with me?
“Hydrogen: The H is for ‘Humanity'”

Oh god, it was named after someone
That poor family line

Apparently the United States’ monopoly on helium was the reason they used hydrogen
Germany: we’d like to use helium
US: you can’t, we’ve got a military embargo on you
Germany: but helium is reliable and is non-flammable—
US: go back to the periodic table, bitch!

And “rigid airship” sounds dirty

Ferdinand von Zeppelin = best name EVER

Dammit, I want to buy a zeppelin, but eBay’s search function is down

HAHAHA… has a picture of the Hindenburg going down on their “safety” page
That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

These jokes are so horrible…”I went for a zeppelin ride and all I got was some humanity”

If they had called themselves Hydrogen Zeppelin, would the band have crashed and burned?

I don’t know why I’m on this “find the humor in the Hindenburg” kick all of a sudden
But the comments on one of the YouTube videos of the original reel are HILARIOUS
“nah its all good just play it backwards and the hidenburg rises back to normal flying all the way back to germany”
“”oh the humanity” is olde english for “holy f*cking sh*t””

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