Death by the Demise of the Moon

Damn you, Rob, I spent my entire night researching glitter because of you!

The initial conversation in a nutshell:
Rob and I were walking to Shari’s tonight and out of nowhere he goes something to the effect of, “it would be really cool to embed glitter into the road pavement.” So we talk about that for a little while, until I theorize this idea of all this loose glitter being picked up by a tornado and how absolutely brutal a tornado like that would be (fake CNN article on this idea coming soon). Then we got talking about what glitter was made of. So tonight I decided to do a little glitter research.

And the rest must be explained via Messenger logs:

And the Wiki page on glitter is hilarious
“Glitter is commonly used in craft projects, especially for small children and sorority women”
That is one fact of life I was unaware of

Here is the site for a company that specializes in glitter manufacturing. Yes, you read that right: a company that specializes in glitter manufacturing:

Hahaha, there’s a conflict over when it was invented
That must be a heated debate right there
It’s like Leibniz/Newton, but with glitter

Precision cut glitter
Seriously, who is that anal about glitter?
It’s glitter, you either throw it or stick it to something

This glitter site advocates decorating a mosque with glitter
Glitter has no place in religion!
“MY religion sparkles brighter than YOUR religion!”

This website is hilarious
They’ve got this picture of a little girl who looks like she’s huffing the glitter

The safety data is HILARIOUS
“Ingestion: seek medical attention”
Eat glitter and DIE!
“Explosion .. not available”
“Product is stable under normal atmospheric conditions”
Haha, they make it sound like it’s Plutonium or something


Oh good lord, the Angelina Fibers look like out of control angora bunnies
I think I see an eye in this one
Yeah. Glitter = amazing.


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