Road trip, University of Idaho-style


So today was the day Team 4 of the University Housing Summer Crew got in the van and drove halfway up Moscow Mountain to clean a house the university owns up there because some big-wigs were coming into town and needed a conference place.

Let me tell you what happened there.

Alice decides that we should go up there after noon, so after lunch break like eleven of us get in the van (plus her and Roy, with the floor team following us) and we drive through town and up an old gravel road towards Moscow Mountain. I mention the gravel road because it’s important later.

After about a ten minute drive, we reach this HUGE house the university apparently owns about halfway up the mountain. Alice and Roy split us up into groups doing various jobs to make the house pretty before the conference that’s apparently going on tomorrow. I was alone, luckily, and I was in charge of watering all the plants around the house. Turn on the water spigot, nothing comes out. “Okay,” I think, “there’s no water on the outside of the house. That’s cool, I’ll just go fill up the watering can inside.”

Apparently there was no water anywhere in the entire house.

At this point I would like to mention that it hit about 97 degrees today.

So there we all are, stranded on a mountain in a house with no water, the floor crew completely lost as to how to do the floors, the rest of us just chilling as Alice and Roy have it out with each other over the whole water situation. Eventually, somebody gets the sink in one of the bathrooms to start trickling water at an alarmingly low rate; we’re instructed to do what we can with about an eighth of a bucket of water each.

Once we were done, we were still stuck up there waiting for the floor crew to finish, so we all sat outside on the driveway in the shade of the garage, antagonizing wasps with sticks and pretending to be awesome until 3:50 rolled around and we got into the van to leave.

By this point we each of us had exhausted our bottles of water and were all really thirsty and hot. Because of this, we decided to ride home with the van windows open—which in hindsight, was a bad plan, since the gravel got kicked up and turned us all a beautiful dust color and made us even thirstier.

But we got back, we got Otter Pops, and I unfortunately live to work another day at the U of I.

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