Songs at work

So I’ve noticed this weird trend with my music when I’m listening to it at work…even though I keep my iPod on shuffle and even though we never go the same places in the same order, there are certain songs that only come up when we’re at certain places. Examples:

  • Apocalyptica’s Farewell always comes on in the GSR parking lot.
  • Battles’ Atlas comes on when I’m sweeping; I think there’s only been one occasion where it’s come on when I was doing something else.
  • Love Rollercoaster (by the Ohio Players) has never been played outside of the van.
  • Valdres March only comes on when I’m cleaning the AC vents in GSR.
  • Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz? Always in the parking lot for South Hill Vista.
  • I always get two Metro Station songs in a row. Always.

My iPod scares me.

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