More Facebook crap

I am weird.
Observe this via old Facebook wall posts I’ve made:

Hmm…you do indeed have a valid point about the Muffin Man.

I’m a nut, baby! Cashew!

This snow is asscockshitrapeFUCK!



Poor Aneel. He is robbed of these deeply intellectual posts. All he gets are conversations with dead presidents and me going, “I’m gonna post again! I’m gonna post again!”

Sanity is fleeting.
Like yogurt.

From the “Christ” to the “mas”, have sex while it lasts!

Happy Sexday! You’re the sexiest sex that ever sexed.
…wait, that’s not right…

Tra-la-la! Let’s go milk some he-brides!
But only gently and in a rhythmic pattern. Otherwise we’d butcher the music as well as some delicate mammary glands.

I’ll bet that there are at least…hmm…I’ll say 5 he-bride pirates sailing about the seven seas nowadays. At least some of them must be preparing weddings soon…
“Arr, matey! I be seein’ a weddin’ on the horizon!”
“Aye, Captain. Petey here say that he and Peg-leg Willy be luvin in that there life boat last night.”
“Arr. Remind me never to sit in that there lifeboat.”
“Aye-aye, sir.”
“So back to this weddin’ business. They be servin’ scallops fer hors d’overs at the ceremony?”
“Aye…Captain Blind Seymour be likin’ scallops.”
Etc, etc.

Maaaaaaagie…I’m writing to you from the graaaaaave!!
Or rather, the library computers on the third floor. Same thing.
If you’re going to concert band today, I’ll see you in about 2 1/2 hours.
…from the graaaaaaaave!

Your total: asscockshitrapeFUCK!

Did I take it off? Really? I didn’t mean to…hmm. (this sounds so dirty)

Damn you! That’s when *I* pretend to be god!

Maggie, I have a very serious question to ask you.
Who put the goat in there?

Oh, sweet! We should all go to KENYAAAA!

I have a very serious question for you to ponder…
If Lucretia Mac Evil were to Tear the Pants off this Sucker, would someone subsequently Come on Eileen?
(song #23 + #46 = #69; it must be so!) (I had to put this one up here)

You dirty little boy, you…
…do I have to teach you a lesson?


I’m a loser, aren’t I? But an entertaining one at least.


Also, “quhzk” should now be officially inducted into the Scrabble dictionary because of Metalocalypse.
Skwisgaar: “Is this a words? Q U H Z K?”
Toki: “Quhzk! That’s whats a duck says.”

We should petition. And I’m totally playing that word if I ever get the opportunity, just try and stop me.

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