Indiana Jones and the 25 Credits of Doom

I’m sorry, Rob. I don’t mean to be so freaked out, but I’m under so much freaking stress right now I’m about to die.

Honestly, this 25 credit thing was basically a breeze up until dead week started. Seriously. Now it’s hell on earth.
Will that stop me from attempting to do 28 credits in the fall?
Of course not. You know me.

OOH! OOH! But guess what I found!

Behold! This is one of the professors there:
Mark A. Kulstad
Emphases: LEIBNIZ, History of Modern Philosophy, Epistemology.

This man, I want him. If I can’t stalk Leibniz, I’ll stalk the guy who studies him.
Oh, and the school also held the first annual NORTH AMERICAN LEIBNIZ CONFERENCE back in January. Amazing.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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