The things we do when we’re given messenger and free time…


So Sean gave me two projective personality tests tonight. One I’d taken long ago (so I question my answers a bit because I had the old template still in my head), but the other was new. I’ll just give you my results, just in case you ever take the tests, ‘cause I don’t want to skew yours.

Onward (these are in Sean’s words, by the way):
~I don’t see a lot of value in the status quo
~Anything noteworthy must be done, not discovered
~I have an artistic, visionary personality; I feel unique but a little disjointed from my surroundings
~I have a fairly broad group of friends; my friends are there, but not “inside” my circle
~my idea of what I want in a romantic partner is un-developed. Right now I don’t have a template, so at the moment “lover” is just a special case of “friend”
~I don’t see difficulties as being added factors, just the normal surroundings “flaring up.” I feel like I can weather the difficulty
~My material possessions are decorative and aesthetic, and they’re important to me
~Knowledge is important to me (but it doesn’t open anything…long story)
~I feel like things will block my path that I have no way of defeating, but they can be circumnavigated
~My love life is “big and scary.” I go in prepared and try to keep myself as safe as possible from getting pulled under
~I hide from danger until it goes away, but I try to approach with a solution as custom-tailored as possible


Hooray for early morning conversations!


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