Wouldn’t it be awesome if “onomatopoeia” was an onomatopoeia? What kind of sound would that be?

One question: what the hell were these?

These are snippets of various MSN conversations in which I make absolutely no sense at all. These may look like they’re out of place solely because they’re out of context. Au contraire, reader, they look out of place because they simply are out of place. These essentially had nothing to do with anything we were talking about at the time. Quite funny. Rather disturbing. Most of these are from freshman semester.


I love that…”looking for K? Find exactly what you want today”
Dang, it didn’t work
Oh wait! *clicks all links* :P

Plus, I’ll always have Titleist!

Is she mad at me?
Is Aneel mad at me?
Is Aneel even alive?

I don’t accumulate in bone tissue, either…that I know of

Eh…moon, stars, Uranus…

EEGs have shown it
When it’s connected to my head
The inner workings are like a glove
Why? I don’t know
I don’t feel like completing that analogy, cause in fact I just compared pants to a glove
Cause it…
…is fuzzy…
Eh, I’m tired

So I heard Aneel is a pothead now
(like a month later) So I heard Aneel is an alcoholic now

Ah crap, wrong conversation


This was fun.

Quick side note: do you think I can convince the university to let me take 32 credits?


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