I’ve been waiting years for this

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the statistically perfect pack of M&Ms!

How is it statistically perfect, you ask? Well, if you take a look at Mars’ website, you can find the percentage of all M&Ms that each color represents. 30% of all M&Ms are brown, red and yellow both make up 20%, and orange, green and blue each make up 10%. Therefore, in a bag of 23 M&Ms, we would have seven brown, five red, five yellow, two orange, two green, and two blue. For a perfect example of this, see above photo.


My day has just been made.


(And yes, I know this boosts my dork level to even higher levels; I don’t care!)

One response

  1. […] I’ve been waiting years for this – I remember being SO HAPPY when I opened the M&Ms package. […]


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