Apologies in advance, Maggie

Maggie, if I ever make plans with you and I show up two hours late, will you hate me forever? Cause you did in my dream and it was quite depressing.

I don’t remember much of the details of this particular dream, but I’ll try to lay out the basics for you. Here’s the scene: it’s winter, and to my knowledge in the dream I had previously made some plans with Maggie to meet her in the Ag Sci lab (where else?) at some time later in the afternoon. Well, I’m basically dinking around the entire day—I fool around in my dorm room, I go and make snowmen outside Wallace, I talk to a priest (???)—I carry on for hours on end before I realize—oh crap!—I need to meet Maggie and I’m at least two hours late. At this point I’m up in the computer lab in the Ag Sci, so I run down the stairs and see Maggie there, and she is pissed off! She starts screaming at me, “where the fuck have you been, I’ve been waiting here for two hours! What could possibly have taken you so long?” She then proceeds to give me a good slap across the face and then walked out. I stand there for a little while, rather dazed.

Then I go take a Spanish class from my Korean math teacher.

Don’t ask me to explain, because I have no idea.

And Maggie, I don’t think you ever have to worry about this situation ever occurring because it’s rare that I’m ever even five minutes late for anything.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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