Blog 554: In Which Claudia Pretends to be Awesome

 (I’m hyped up on about 30 apple Jolly Ranchers at the moment (screw moderation!)—asking for forgiveness in advance)


A Survey I Want All of You Weirdos To Fill Out In Your Glorious Comments To This Blog
1. Claudia has a Flash project that is underway as this is being typed. It is a teaser/trailer for a possible upcoming Flash entitled, “Manifest Destiny: The Story of the Presidents.” Does this intrigue you?
[  ] Mightily!
[  ] Indeed!
[  ] Wait, what?
[  ] stfu u dont kno falsh lol!!!11

2. It is stated in the above question that this is either a “teaser,” meaning that the longer Flash stated in it will not be made, or a “trailer,” indicating that the longer Flash will be made, eventually. Which do you prefer?
[  ] Teaser. Claudia needs to focus on her schoolwork and 22+ credits next semester.
[  ] Trailer. Claudia needs to entertain her friends before they revolt and realize that all she’s good for is typing random surveys in her blogs and making them fill them out.
[  ] Ballroom dance!

3. The best-fitting definition of a “Claudia” is:
[  ] God
[  ] An appletini
[  ] A being of unsurpassable awesomeness
[  ] A being that uses C6H12O6 + 6O2  to make 6CO2, 6H20, and crazy-ass Flash animations


That is all. Please write on the top of your survey your student ID and favorite pair of underwear.

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