Waiter! There’s kurtosis in my bimodal-distributed data!

Found this on the internet this morning. Hilarious.

You Know Your Friend is a Psychology Major If…
…they identify themselves by their Myers-Briggs type.
…you and the rest of their friends are fair game if they have any experiments or surveys going on (and they always do).
…they use the word “kurtosis”—enough so that you think they have some sort of disease.
…they send you all their emails in APA format.
…their doodles on their homework consist of bell curves and letters of the Greek alphabet.
…they cite journal articles in their everyday conversations.
…they slip every once and awhile and call their friends their “subjects.”
…they reference the DSM-IV daily.
…they go on for hours on end on how your behavior at the party last night fits in perfectly with your current position in Erickson’s psychosocial stages of development and how your subsequent hangover after a few too many beers indicates the implications of subliminal psychological messages found in beer commercials while tying the whole thing in with a dream you described to them a week ago and all the while you have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.
…you know that they are the last person you should go to for advice about your mental health.


So true, man. So true.


Also, I bought this carrot juice at Safeway today that has 990% of one’s daily Vitamin A allotment per serving. I laughed.

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