Put that in your hickory-smoked sausage and exploit it!

I’m not one to post song lyrics very often—I think it’s pretty pointless unless you explain why you’re doing it.
So here’s my explanation for this: possibly the coolest free song iTunes has ever offered. I love the rhythm and the lyrics.

“Philosophia” – the Guggenheim Grotto
When we’re young we set our hearts upon some beautiful idea

Maybe something from a holy book or French philosophia
Upon the thoughts of better men than us we swear by and decree a
Perfect way to end the war of ways the only way to be a…
Work of art, oh to be a work of art
But in time a thought comes tugging on the sleeve edge of our minds
Perhaps no perfect way exists at all, just many different kinds
Oh but if it’s just a thing of taste then everything unwinds
For without an absolute how can the absolute define…
A work of art, oh to be a work of art.

I just think it’s cool.


Oh, and this:

“Federal endorsement of a deity violates the U.S. Constitution.” My change for the day.

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