Remind me again why I hate group work? Oh yeah. People suck.

Group work is inefficient, boring, irritating, and utterly pointless. Especially when one is forced into a group of pseudo intellectuals and forced to sit and seethe in anger as they get absolutely nothing done. These are people who can easily rattle off dozens of French phrases and draw comparisons between Gandhi and Kafka but who are about as efficient as a sandpaper sled.

They think they’re so far beyond the classes they’re taking that they can just blow off the review questions and sail by with a 150% in the class. Wrong, you morons. You can spout French proverbs all you want, my friends, but will that help you pass a test in English? Obviously not, considering all three of you failed to get A’s on your last tests.

What’s worse is the fact that they look down upon people who have not been exposed to the things they have and therefore don’t know anything about them. Excuse me if Moscow’s public education is not the same as southern California’s, or wherever you prissy rich jackasses are from. If you’re so far above the rest of us, why are you even in college at all? Why can’t you just walk into the Dean’s office and pick up that PhD now? Oh, wait, I know why—you have to actually do WORK to get it!

Let me tell you something—it doesn’t matter if you know French, understand quantum physics, or know your wine. It is the understanding of new knowledge and material pertaining to the class you’re in that makes you smart, not the fact that you can list off all the Presidents and their wives or can recite the Periodic Table as if you had it in front of you. Be efficient. Be productive. Stay on the subject. Don’t apply crap that is not relevant.

And stop looking down on others who may not have had your rich-ass opportunities. Not everyone can afford private tutoring or have parents that will pay off the teachers to get their kids through 8th grade English.


Wait, did I write that last part down?

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