It’s Da Bomb!

You know what’s a friggin’ good book? On The Beach by Nevil Shute. Read it. Then you’ll think twice before participating in nuclear war. It’s basically about the southern hemisphere’s views on the nuclear war that basically wiped out the entire northern hemisphere. This is one of the few books I strongly recommend–it’s almost scarier than “Outbreak”. Have you seen that movie? Dang–I hate monkeys even more now.


…stupid monkeys…


By the way, I do greatly apologize for my late blogging (what am I, a month or so behind? Dork.)–I do write all this crap down, it’s just the process of logging in and copying and pasting and inserting all the punctuation (because, for some reason, it all disappears when I paste these things from Microsoft Word into the blogging area) that makes me…”hesitant”, I guess, is the right word.


What sayest thou? Speak!

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