What the crap is this??

Another just-written poem. This gives you an idea why I don’t submit my writing to anything.

Love is a Cow
Love is a cow when leaping and bounding
Through marshes and Marches
Scratches and ditches.
A cow is the female of cattle fields
Through rains in April
And technology glitches.
A cow set ablaze the great town of Chicago
Accomplished in June
She completed her mission.
Yes, love is a cow when it comes down to the end
After thunder in July
And nuclear fission.
Cows set their watches to atomic time
They do every August
To the best of perfection.
For love is a cow after every species falls
Around ponds in September
To admire their reflection.
A cow takes pride in her regurgitation
It changes in October
From green to brown.
Cows are most definitely advanced creatures
Crop circles in November
Symmetrically round.
Love is a cow during holiday bliss
Tinsel in December
Hooves wrapped in bells.
A cow made of metal will rust in the morn
After storms in January
They chip into shells.
Cows change the world with frightening speed
Surviving February
Living off starch.
Alas, love is a cow through the entire year
All through April
And back into March.

I’m Emily Dickenson!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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