Friends + ice cream + water + plastic bags = FUN!

Today my buds Candida, Shannyn, Amy, Aneel and I went to Baskin Robbins and got ice cream. Then we went down to the field, threw pinecones at Aneel (okay, I threw pinecones at Aneel), compared our bras, I put on a…um…show ( ), and then we went to Shannyn and Candida’s house.

There, we harassed Aneel some more when we played a game involving throwing a ball up into the air and shouting a person’s name. They have to catch the ball and yell “freeze” after everyone scatters (or tries to). Then they have to throw the ball at someone. It was fun.
After about 8 rounds, I jumped into their Jacuzzi to get away from Candida. Fully clothed. Hehe. And Aneel had the car. This created a problem, considering the car he was driving was his parents’ car, and considering that he is a car seat.

So what did I do? After playing a twisted game of Uno, I made Candida get me two plastic bags. I made leg-holes in one and wore it like a diaper. I put a head-hole and two arm-holes in another and wore it like a shirt. I tied the handles together in the middle, and voila! Sexy see-through! Too bad I had my clothes on underneath . Shannyn’s dad got pictures.

It’s too bad E’raina missed it. E’raina, it’s too bad you missed it. We all missed you!
Come back soon!

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