Ner-her! I’m a prospector!

In the early part of the day, we sailed up a stretch called Tracy Arm. We were going to see some huge glaciers, but the water was still too full of little glaciers to go far enough up the Arm to see the bigger ones.
There’s this little inside joke thingy that we came up with that I’m going to put up here even though none of you will probably find it funny. My mom does surveys for the U of I, and once she came across this guy whose name was G’Tracy. Yeah, G’Tracy. So we all started calling it G’Tracy Arm and kept laughing.


Then we got to Juneau, and dad and I went gold panning in a river. I got a vile of gold (and some garnets) but not even close to the ounce needed to get $600. Oh well. It was fun. Cold, but fun.

Tonight, there is 50s and 60s music in the Starlight Lounge on the ship, and I think I’ll go there and dance.

…You all know how I dance.



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