At sea!

Today is an “at sea” day, meaning that we don’t stop anywhere. I can really tell that the ship is rocking…the waves are coming at us from the side, so it’s pretty rocky. Not rocky enough to cause me to get nauseous (which is pretty easy to do, unfortunately), but rocky. I find it funny that Magellan named the Pacific ocean “El Pacifico”, or “the peaceful one”, when it, in fact, is quite torrent. Just a thought.
There’s this one wide hall on the 7th deck, and my mom and I and a bunch of older ladies were walking. As we were walking, the ship kept rolling back and forth, and we all kept swaying in the hall. It was amusing–I now call it “The Swaying Hall”.
Tonight was the first of two formal nights. I wore my prom dress and my blinky-blink kick ass shoes! However, I found it very difficult to walk–I can hardly walk in heels, and it is much harder to do while the ship is rocking back and forth.

Mom and Dad went to a show thingy later tonight, and I stayed in the room and watched cartoons. Life is good.


Though I feel like I should still be doing government or something.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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