Put on your happy pants!

So the year is coming to a close, and I feel the best way to end it (on my blog, at least) is to make a list of my most-remembered memories from our little lunch group.
So without further ado, I present to you:

 ~* The Most-Remembered Memories List! *~

~ The “family tree” I made out of my deck of cards
~ That creepy bearded guy cornering me while I had a pad in my pants and asking whether or not my parents would approve of me being “inappropriate”
~ Crab humping! (and “over capacity” Jacob!)
~ Sticking my clarinet case down my pants
~ Taking off my bra and throwing it on Aneel (multiple occurrences)
~ The whole “that’s not Gangrene!” situation
~ Tampy!
~ The tampon machine
~ “Boxing” with Hunter
~ Pissing off Alan (multiple occurrences)
~ Throwing M&Ms up into the ceiling with Candida
~ Those cardboard stilts in the bathroom
~ Harassing Ballerina Boy (multiple occurrences)
~ Taking butt and crotch pictures with my camera phone
~ Those Easter eggs–whacking them with my head
~ My reading of To Kill A Mockingbird
~ Crab-walking down the hall
~ Writing the Valentine’s Day poem to Aneel’s brother
~ Taking off my panties while wearing a skirt and then doing a cartwheel (thanks, E’raina!)


There are probably dozens more. Do you guys remember something that I don’t? If you do, tell me and I’ll stick it on here!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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