My Butt’s on Fire!

I wrote a cool poem…

There once was a man with two egos
Who both enjoyed wearing Speedos.
With one a nice man,
And the other’s huge glands,
They made girls who liked threesomes yell “neat-o!”

See? I am the master. I should win the Pulitzer Prize. However, this isn’t too different in style and substance than one I wrote when I was in 4th grade:

There once was a tart
Who learned how to fart
And stunk up the whole neighborhood.
Then there was a time
When he learned to rhyme
And farted as loud as he could.
He shook all the buildings, structures and towers
He wilted the trees, grasses and flowers.
He made the fish die–salmon and basses
He made people faint with his powerful gasses.
Some army men died
And most their wives cried
And buried them under dead grasses.


Odd, isn’t it? Still…

What sayest thou? Speak!

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