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July’s Song Review (or whatever I usually title these)

Hell, July’s over. Song time!

Graph of genres:

Mean song length: 3:35

The five star: Cobrastyle by Robyn

Today’s song: Coming Around Again by Simon Webbe


Haha, nothing like fun with friends in the basement. And Obama never texted me back, in case you were wondering.

Oh, and here’s the month’s song review:

Graph of genres

Mean song length: 3:37

The five stars: Take It Home by The White Tie Affair and Hey There Mr. by Leisure Alaska



Today’s song: Stamp On The Ground (Radio Edit) by ItaloBrothers

May Song Review

Yet another month GONE! And you know what that means (even though I know none of you care)…

Graph of genres

Mean song length: 3:58
The five-star: Sleepyhead (Cillo Remix) by Passion Pit

Yes, I now have the original song plus 3 variations of it with 5 stars. 8% of my “Top Favorites” playlist is Sleepyhead-related.


Today’s song: Viva la Vida (Jul0 Remix) by Coldplay

Passions to passions, lust to lust

Dear March: please don’t return again for another 12 months. You suck. Thanks.

Another good thing about the last day of March: MUSIC REVIEW!!! ¼ of the way through the year!


Breakdown of the genres:

Mean song length: 3:42

The five-stars:
That Beep by Architecture in Helsinki
Blow Up by Gooseflesh


Thank god it’s April.


Today’s song: Hant by Slagsmalsklubben (gotta love the Swedes)

Februry Music Review

And now we mark the end of the second month of the year…and with that, time for NEW SONG STATSITICS AWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHH!

Graph of genres

Mean song length: 3:39

The five-stars:

  • Shark in the Water by V.V. Brown
  • The Spell by Feed Me
  • Puppy Love by Scandy

Onwards to March!


Today’s Song: Private Machine by Thermostatic

January Music Review

Well, it’s January 31st and I have officially reached the end of the first month of 2010 with a new song for each day of the year.

Now it’s time for statistics!!!!


Graph of genres

Mean song length: 4:08

The five-stars: Disorganized Fun by Ronald Jenkees and Happy Up Here by Royksopp


On to February!


Today’s song: Baptized by Fire by Spinnerette