Stacy’s mom has turned into a prawn / she’s got gills now and she’s flopping on the lawn

Today is the closing ceremony of the Olympics, so let’s make this blog Olympic-related.

Let’s rank some Olympic Logos! Specifically, top five and bottom five.


Top Five

5. Salt Lake 2002
This one’s a’ight. I like the star/torch/snowflake logo and how it’s not perfectly symmetric.



4. Melbourne/Stockholm 1956
This one is pretty. While not super “Olympics-looking,” I’ts like a cool little stamp. I dig it.



3. Tokyo 1964
I like how simple this logo is. The gradient in the circle is cool and the color looks really good with the gold color of the rings and text.



2. Atlanta 1996
I dig the torch. Also, I think this is the first Olympics I remember watching.



1. Calgary 1988
Totally not biased by the fact that it’s my birth year and the city I currently live in. I do really like this logo. It’s simple but still visually interesting, and definitely has an 80s vibe to it.



Bottom Five

5. Athens 2004
Not a huge fan of the little watercolor-looking blue square. It seems very disconnected with the rings/text and seems…unprofessional?



4. Mexico 1968
Why does the “X” get like 400 extra lines? There’s just too many goddamn lines. That “68” with the rings looks really busy. They should have just made the bottom two rings of the 6 and the 8 just two of the colored rings.



3. Berlin 1936
“Oh crap, we forgot to make an Olympics logo!”
“What are we going to do?!?”
“Here, quick, trace this picture of a bell with a ballpoint pen and write some stuff on it.”
“Should I color it or something?”
“No time, the Olympics start in two minutes!”



2. Lake Placid 1932
That is the wonkiest North America I have ever seen. Apparently Mexico is a tube sock? And that dude is like 80% legs. Did a five year old with half an eye draw this?



1. London 2012
I like to imagine the dude who designed this logo was told that graphic design wasn’t an Olympic sport and he was like, “the fuck it isn’t!” and then proceeded to win gold in the “designing logos while on hallucinogens” event.


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