It’s a Vast Dessert Conspiracy!


This hadn’t even crossed my mind. This hadn’t even entered my thought processes even remotely, even after listening to Brian Regan’s rant on Fig Newtons today.

Freaking go here and read the comments if at first you don’t get it (I didn’t).




Can it possibly be that the two great, independent inventors of calculus are both represented in tasty dessert form?

Answer: YES!


Fig Newtons were indeed named after good ol’ Isaac, who, according to Wikipedia, “liked figs” (not nearly as entertaining a story as the one behind Choco Leibniz, but interesting nonetheless).
What’s even freakier is the fact that both cookies were developed independently of each other in the SAME FREAKING YEAR (1891).
I think the one and only way to resolve the “who invented calculus first” debate is to find out once and for all whose tasty delight was created first. Unfortunately, the Fig Newtons website is entirely uninformative, and Bahlsen’s website (the company that makes the Chocos), while delightfully entertaining due to their obvious knowledge of Flash, has nothing informative, either.

So I guess the debate can’t be solved. At least by me tonight.


But wow…that’s really funny, don’t you think?

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