Brain, You’re Fired

So I went to bed at like 4 this morning and then woke up (along with Nate) about half an hour later because Jazzy puked on the bed. Because of my lack of olfactory ability, it’s only fair that I deal with the stinky things like cat puke. So I get up and deal with it.

As I’m getting back in bed, this is the convo that went on in my head:

Brain: So, cleaning up cat puke, huh?
Me: Yup.
Brain: That didn’t take long.
Me: No, I guess not.
Brain: It was kind of fun.
Me: …What
Brain: You should have a kid. Think of all the puke you could clean up in the middle of the night with a kid!
Me: Umm…


It was just the most random thought process. I’m hoping it was just my neurons randomly firing off as I fell asleep.

And no, brain, no kids. Ever. Sorry.


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