More IRC! More IRC!!!!

These are fun.
TECC:  |:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|
TECC:  oops, soz.  wrong window.
Fuhrur:  why in the fuck would you type that to anyone?

Kaltorak: every 7 out of 6 days is a bad day for my typing skils.
Kaltorak: oh my god.

limi: does anybody know where the Table of Contents generator is, to save me of the embarrasment of talking to a virtual paper clip?

jsCLASS: lets talk about my johnson
Mercster: small talk, eh?
jsCLASS: fuck
jsCLASS: owned

Merlin: Good news, in case you were worried that Rodney King was done entertaining us, he got drunk and plowed his SUV into a house at 100 mph
sComps: christ.. dead?
Merlin: yes, Christ is dead, but thats 2,000 year old news.  King just has a broken pelvis

nyetwerk: why is it that they always make the stupidest person on a project team be the leader?
DocRadium: what are you in charge of now?

(morganj): 0 is false and 1 is true, correct?
(alec_eso): 1, morganj
(morganj): bastard.


punchcard_w0rk: i think i will form a computer addiction recovery group.
punchcard_w0rk: call it “users no longer enslaved to electronic technology”
punchcard_w0rk: or UnLeet

Kupo: man
Kupo: Firefox can fuck itself
DarknessTear: It can? So THAT’s what the Firefox logo is doing.

hehehe8383: school was pretty fun for me cus of the teachers =P
hehehe8383: like i remember this one time in like 5th grade or something
hehehe8383: i got a bloody nose in my math class and i had on a white shirt to boot
hehehe8383: so i went to the nurse for like 10 min. while i was sittin in the nurses office, the period was over so my class left and another class came in
hehehe8383: but i still had my books there so i had to go back in
hehehe8383: so i walk into the classroom with blood stains on my shirt and holding a blood spotted tissue up to my nose
hehehe8383: so the teacher pointed at me and she goes “see what i do to kids who dont do their homework?”
hehehe8383: i swear to you, this kid next to me had a MORTIFIED look on his face as he started scribbling stuff down on some incomplete worksheet =P

magothy: is there an irish expression for hangover?
tReMeR: morning

rock: hey
Capn_Panic: hey
Shockster: hey
Capn_Panic: it’s fat albert!

tumnus: i just set my clock the easiest way ever
tumnus: i waited until it was midnight then i plugged it in and left it

Xetrov`: im gonna go try out this “physical activity” shit i keep hearing about

mh_: str8 up mf i was afkin 4 a sec & that mutha goes all stfu on me
mh_: wtf? 4 nothin at all
* harm consults Oxford’s Non-Abridged Gangsta Abbreviations Explicator
mh_: gtof
* harm consults harder

Robohunk: A friend of mine took an exam in his French class while on acid once. When friends asked him about it later, he said, “I think I did pretty well. I wrote this great story about a thunderstorm.”
Robohunk: The professor called him into his office soon afterwards and showed him the test. It was a piece of paper covered with the words “Noir noir noir, noir BLANC!!! noir noir noir noir noir, noir noir noir BLANC!!!” over and over.

 * Nastard is now known as fuck
damn: what kind of nick is that?
fuck: if i know

Silvercrush: I craved a little man in woodshop today
Silvercrush: omg… carved :(

DocGonzo: i need to shoot myself in the face… i accidentally typed “the” instead of “teh”, so i backspaced and fixed it

aspuffnstuff: The third one looks like something they used in Star Wards
aspuffnstuff: *Wars
alykat: lol “star wards”
alykat: an epic about a hospital set in space
alykat: “use the forceps, luke”
volcanogirl: come.. to the bed pan. the bed pan!
aspuffnstuff: OBGYN kenobi!

Vod: that sentence is even more screwed up than even mine usual are

(Mutiny) Atarax: you ate a americum disk from a smoke detector?
(Atarax) Mutiny: yeah
(Mutiny) Atarax: why?
(Atarax) Mutiny: I thought it would give me special powers.
(Mutiny) Atarax: what did it do to you?
(Atarax) Mutiny: well, it didn’t give me any special powers, but it didn’t kill me either
(Atarax) Darwin must be spinning in his grave
(Atarax) “why is that fuck still alive”

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